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DVR de 32 channels
DVR 91032 (32 CH)
  • 32 channel Real-time compression
  • 4 Channel playback at the same time
  • 2 channel Videooutput, 32×4 matrix ( option)
  • SATA1 HDD support
  • USB 2.0,PS2, keyboard support
  • Innovative Intelligent Temperature Thermal Technology
  • H.264 compression
  • CIF resolution of recording and playback for each channel
  • Professional operation system of Mars detector for super stable surface of Mars landing.
  • Dual-core 32 CPU
  • It will pass the hard disk that got something wrong automatically, and work without stop.
  • It is the first creative technology and features to realize hard disk without resonant and asynchronous start function
  • H.264 Video compression technology, audio and video synchronization. Multi-recording mode. Pre-recorded features.
  • 4-CH playback at the same time;can monitoring the other channel when recording and playback;Time Design Flow To achieve fast and accurate searchesSupport for arbitrary scaling screen
  • The hard disk works in the way of Non-disk dormancy. It will pass the hard disk that got something wrong automatically. Support SATA hard disk, multiple backup. The time of store can be set in each channel
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